Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where am I, and what is this?

My blog, duh?

Basically, I will try to post a tip, everyday, on how to improve your computers performance. While also replying to questions left in the comments section. Mostly I will be revealing secrets computer repair shops try to keep hidden from you, in a simple, easy to read and understand format.

Well, how can I trust you? 

Good question, and you should be cynical, especially on the Internet. I will put it like this, I have no reason to harm you. It's not beneficial to me, also, any programs I post will be coming from reputable sources, such as cnet.com, and not some known malicious site.

Who are you? Just some 12 year old kid who thinks he knows what he is doing?

No, I am not a 12 year old kid who only knows how to ping Google, but I am not someone who has several masters degrees ranging from Computer Science to Underwater Automated Basket Weaving. Don't take advice from me like you would a doctor, take advice from me like you would a friend that you have known for a while, and trust in his abilities.

Now, my experience:

I have been working with computers since I was about 4. I made my Dad mad (who is also a computer fanatic) with the things I did, that he didn't know how to fix. I have taken several computer classes. I have gone to a SkillsUSA regional, and state competition, placing 4th at state (out of 20), and 1st at regionals. The competition was about fixing and having general knowledge of computers (and by general, I mean RIMM memory for those who know what that is). I also am currently working at a local small computer repair shop, going on 9 months now.

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  1. Looking forward to some neat computer tips that I might not know about!

  2. Your blog will come in handy for me!!

  3. Good Read, Keep it up!

  4. Nice! Support me, i'll support you!