Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tip #1, Beginner Tip and some programs.

Beginner Tip:

Let's start off with something simple. You see those programs in the bottom right? You know why your computer starts so slow? All of those programs in the bottom right load when you first start your computer up. Yes, there is a way to stop them.

1. Press the start button. On XP, it has the microsoft flag, and the word start in the little rectangle in the bottom left corner. In Vista and 7, it is just a flag in a little bubble in the same location.
2. On XP, click on Run. On Vista and 7, it is the little search box right above the start button.
3. Type in msconfig. On all windows operating systems.
4. Press enter on XP, click on the item that says msconfig above where you just typed in msconfig on Vista and 7.
5. Click on the tab that says Startup.
6. Click on 'Disable All'. Click Apply, then Ok.
PS: It will ask if you want to restart, you can if you would like. When it restarts, the box that pops up asks you if everything is satisfactory, just click the little box that says 'Don't show me this message again', and click OK.

Now, if there is something that you would like to start up when you first turn on your computer, you have to find it and click the checkmark on the left. Everything is named funny, so you have to know what you are looking for. If you have any questions about any particular program, go to Google, and type in the name. Tons of websites categorize programs and document what each one does.

Programs you might consider installing:

Two programs today, which you might consider downloading:

1. CCleaner. Many of you may already have this, but this is a great program for those who don't. This program is better than the Micro$oft disk cleanup program, in that it actually works. It doesn't compress the same files that the M$ disk cleanup program will, but it cleans your stuff thouroughly. Also, you can clean up your registry for those that actually think it is necessary (its not...)

2. The same company also created Recuva. Lets say you screwed up and accidentally deleted something precious/necessary. Recuva scans your hard drive for things that have been deleted (even if they have been removed from the recycling bin), and will give you the option to recover them. Now, this isn't always successful if you overwrite the data, like by installing this program after you have deleted said file. So, before you do something stupid, install Recuva.